How to Apply for DHA Exam and Get a DHA License

How to Apply for DHA Exam and Obtaining a DHA License

How to Apply for DHA Exam and Get a DHA License

Are you a healthcare professional dreaming of practicing in Dubai? The journey to obtaining a DHA license might seem like a daunting task, but fear not! The Ultimate Guide on How to Apply for DHA Exam and Obtaining a DHA License is here to simplify the process and set you on the path to success.

🌟 Dive into a comprehensive exploration of the step-by-step application process for the DHA exam, equipped with valuable insights and tips to enhance your chances of securing that coveted license.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative career milestone? Let’s explore the essential document requirements, the intricacies of the DHA exam pattern, and the detailed instructions on how to navigate the application process effortlessly.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and resources needed to ace the DHA exam, fulfill the regulatory requirements, and unlock the doors to a rewarding professional journey in the dynamic healthcare landscape of Dubai. Your dream of practicing in a DHA-licensed healthcare facility is within reach!

Navigating through the requirements for a DHA license, including the DHA exam syllabus, DHA exam fees, and the DataFlow verification process, can seem daunting. This article serves as an ultimate guide to demystify the process, from understanding DHA exam eligibility to registering for the Prometric DHA exam. It offers strategic insights into effective study strategies, what to expect on exam day, and subsequent steps after passing the exam, including the Sheryan DHA login for license application, making it an indispensable resource for aspiring medical professionals.

How To Apply for DHA Exam? 7 Steps To Apply for DHA Exam And Earn The Credentials

The DHA exam is a crucial step for healthcare professionals looking to practice in Dubai. To ensure a smooth application process and increase your chances of obtaining a license, it is essential to follow the proper steps. In this guide, we will walk you through the 7 steps required to apply for DHA exam and earn your credentials.

Step 1: Create an Account on the DHA Website

The first step is to create an account on the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) website and enable DHA Sheryan Account. This will give you access to the necessary tools and resources for the application process.

Step 2: Utilize the Self-Assessment Tool on the Sheryan Portal

The Sheryan portal provides a self-assessment tool that evaluates your eligibility for the DHA exam. Make sure to complete the assessment and gather the required documents before proceeding.

Step 3: Complete Primary Source Verification (PSV) with DataFlow

Primary Source Verification (PSV) is a mandatory requirement for all healthcare professionals applying for the DHA exam. Submit your documents to DataFlow for verification.

Step 4: Review Registration Eligibility and Requirements

Ensure that you meet the registration eligibility criteria and have all the necessary documents and qualifications needed for the DHA exam application.

Step 5: Schedule the Exam Date and Location

Once your eligibility is confirmed, schedule the exam date and location through the DHA website. Make sure to choose a convenient testing site in your immediate vicinity.

Step 6: Pay the Required Fees

Pay the exam fees as per the standard DHA exam application procedure. Keep in mind that the fees may vary depending on your professional license and whether you are a new applicant or a healthcare professional seeking a license renewal.

Step 7: Review and Submit the Application

Finally, review your application for any errors or missing information before submitting it. Ensure that you have provided all the correct information and documentation required for the DHA exam.

By following these 7 steps, you will be well-prepared to apply for the DHA exam and work towards obtaining a DHA license. Stay organized, adhere to the deadlines, and seek guidance from healthcare recruitment agencies or coaching centers if required. Remember, the DHA is committed to maintaining the highest standards of healthcare service, so be sure to approach the exam with the right preparation and dedication.

Now that you have a clear overview of the application process, let’s delve deeper into each step for a comprehensive understanding of how to apply for the DHA exam.

Understanding the DHA Licensing Process

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) license is essential for healthcare professionals wishing to practice in Dubai. This section outlines the licensing process managed by the DHA Health Regulation Department (HRD), which ensures that all medical professionals meet the required standards to provide healthcare services in the emirate.

Key DHA Licensing Requirements and Entities

  1. Mandatory DHA License: All healthcare professionals, including nurses, general practitioners, pharmacists, dentists, and other specialized medical staff, must obtain a DHA license to legally work in Dubai.
  2. Role of DHA Health Regulation Department (HRD): The HRD is tasked with the responsibility of licensing healthcare professionals, ensuring they possess the necessary skills and qualifications.
  3. Primary Source Verification by DataFlow: Since 2007, DataFlow has been the designated service provider for the DHA to conduct primary source verification (PSV) of the credentials of healthcare professionals applying for a license.

Licensing Process for Healthcare Professionals

  • Eligibility Check: Healthcare professionals must first perform an eligibility check via the Sheryan platform, which is the DHA’s online system for health regulation.
  • Skill Test and Assessments: Following the eligibility confirmation, applicants must pass various skill tests and assessments to prove their competence in their respective medical fields.

Scope of Practice

  • Traditional Medicine: This category includes physicians, dentists, nurses, midwives, and allied healthcare professionals.
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Professionals in this field also require a DHA license to practice, reflecting the comprehensive approach of the DHA to regulate all forms of medical practice within Dubai.

Healthcare Professionals Licensing Across the UAE

The DHA, along with Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) and the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOH), forms the trio of main licensing bodies for medical professionals in the UAE, each with its specific jurisdiction and regulations.

This detailed overview of the DHA licensing process highlights the critical steps and requirements for healthcare professionals aiming to establish their practice in Dubai, ensuring they are well-prepared to navigate the licensing pathway.

DHA Eligibility Criteria for DHA Exam

To apply for the DHA exam and subsequently qualify for a DHA license, healthcare professionals must meet specific eligibility criteria. These criteria ensure that only qualified and competent individuals are authorized to provide healthcare services in Dubai.

Step-by-Step Eligibility Verification

  1. Self-Assessment Tool Usage:


    • Initially, candidates should use the Self Assessment Tool available on the Sheryan portal. This tool assesses eligibility based on qualifications and experience.
  2. Manual Review for Non-Eligible Candidates:


    • If the Self Assessment Tool indicates that you are not eligible, you can request a Manual Review. This process requires submitting additional documents and the associated fees to reconsider your eligibility.
  3. Professional Qualifications Requirements (PQR):


    • Before applying, review the DHA’s Professional Qualifications Requirements (PQR) for your specific profession and specialty. This ensures that all documents and credentials meet the necessary standards.
  4. Registration and Work History:


    • Applicants must hold a valid medical license from their home country. Gaps in work history do not necessarily impact eligibility, but continuous registration is mandatory.
  5. Experience Requirements:


    • General practitioners must have a minimum of two years of experience, while specialists are required to have at least three years.

Key Eligibility Details for Healthcare Professionals

  • Recognized Qualifications:


    • All candidates must possess a legitimate healthcare degree from an accredited university.
  • Clinical Experience:
    • A minimum of two years of clinical experience is required for all healthcare professionals.
  • Additional Requirements for Working in the UAE:


    • Beyond passing the DHA exam, candidates must have a clean criminal record and a valid UAE visa to work as a medical officer in the UAE.

By following these guidelines and ensuring all criteria are met, healthcare professionals can successfully navigate the eligibility process for the DHA exam and move one step closer to obtaining their DHA license.

Preparing Your Application Documents

To ensure a smooth application process for the DHA exam and license, it is crucial to prepare and organize all necessary documents meticulously. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you gather and submit the required documents efficiently.

Step 1: Create and Set Up Your Sheryan Account

  1. Register on the DHA Sheryan Portal: Begin by creating an account on the Sheryan portal, which is the official platform for all DHA licensing services.
  2. Input Necessary Information: Provide all relevant personal and professional details as prompted by the registration process.

Step 2: Document Collection and Preparation

  1. Basic Identification and Professional Documents:
    • Recent photograph
    • Copy of valid passport
    • Educational qualifications
    • Experience certificates
    • Practice license or registration from your home country
    • Good Standing Certificate (GSC)
  2. Additional Documents for Specific Applicants:
    • A 2-year surgical logbook (required for surgeons)
    • Medical fitness test results (for applicants aged 65 and above)

Step 3: Document Upload and Verification

  1. Upload Documents on Sheryan Portal: After collecting all the documents, scan and upload them to your Sheryan account under the specified sections.
  2. Ensure Compliance with DataFlow Guidelines: Verify that all scanned documents adhere to the guidelines provided by the DataFlow Group to avoid delays in the verification process.

Step 4: Application Submission and Fee Payment

  1. Review and Submit Application: Double-check all entered information and uploaded documents for accuracy and completeness before submission.
  2. Pay Required Fees: Complete the process by paying the necessary application fees through the DHA’s e-services platform.

By following these organized steps, applicants can efficiently prepare their application documents for the DHA exam and license, ensuring all requirements are met and potentially speeding up the approval process.

The DataFlow Verification Process

To apply for the DHA exam and obtain a DHA license, applicants must undergo a thorough document verification process known as the DataFlow verification process. This process is crucial to ensure the authenticity of the credentials provided by healthcare professionals. Here is a detailed guide on how to navigate this process:

Step 1: Register on the DataFlow Group Website

  1. Visit the DataFlow Group Website: Start by accessing the official DataFlow Group website.
  2. Provide Required Information: You will need to register by providing necessary details, including your Professional ID, which is your DHA ID.

Step 2: Authorization and Document Submission

  1. Download the Letter of Authorization: This document must be downloaded from the DataFlow Group website.
  2. Sign, Scan, and Upload: After signing the Letter of Authorization, scan it and upload the document back to the website.

Step 3: Creating a Case

  1. Select Case Type: Choose the appropriate case type from the options available—Fresh Case, Report Transfer, or Raise a Reverification on a Previous DataFlow Case.
  2. Choose Application Category: Select the category that best describes your application.

Understanding the Verification Timeline and Process

  • Verification Duration: The verification process typically takes between 20 to 30 days. However, this period can extend if there are discrepancies found in the application or if the application is incomplete.
  • Primary Source Verification (PSV): DataFlow conducts a Primary Source Verification of your documents. This means they verify your credentials directly with the original issuing source.

Table: DataFlow Verification Process Overview

StepAction RequiredExpected Timeframe
Register on WebsiteProvide Professional ID and personal detailsImmediate
Authorization and SubmissionDownload, sign, scan, and upload the Letter of AuthorizationImmediate after download
Case CreationSelect case type and application categoryImmediate
Verification ProcessWait for PSV to be conducted20 to 30 days or longer

By following these steps and preparing for the potential time it takes, applicants can ensure a smoother process in verifying their credentials, which is a critical step towards qualifying for the DHA exam and obtaining a DHA license.

Registering for the DHA Exam

Step 1: Create an Account on the DHA Website

Register on the DHA website: Navigate to the official DHA website and create an account by providing the required personal and professional information. This is the initial step to access various DHA services.

Step 2: Use the Self-Assessment Tool

Access the Self Assessment Tool on the Sheryan portal: Utilize this free tool to check if you meet the Professional Qualifications Requirements (PQR) necessary to work in a DHA-licensed healthcare facility.

Step 3: Apply for Primary Source Verification (PSV) with DataFlow

  1. Submit essential documents: These include qualifications and experience details.
  2. Apply for PSV: This verification is crucial to ensure all provided credentials are authentic and recognized.

Step 4: Schedule Your Exam

  1. Select exam date and location: Use the Prometric website to schedule your DHA exam, choosing a date and location that suits your availability.

Step 5: Pay the Required Fees

  1. DHA exam fees: Complete the payment for the DHA exam through the online payment portal on the DHA website.

Step 6: Additional Assessments If Required

  1. Computer-Based Testing (CBT) Assessment: For doctors, dentists, and nurses, a CBT assessment conducted by Prometric may be necessary.
  2. Schedule and pay for any required oral assessments: Depending on your healthcare position, an oral assessment may be required. Schedule this and pay the corresponding fees (AED 250 for normal assessment; AED 2,000 for urgent).

Step 7: Review and Submit Your Application

  1. Double-check all information and documents: Ensure everything is accurate and complete before final submission of your application for the DHA exam.

Table: Overview of Key Actions and Fees for DHA Exam Registration

StepAction RequiredFees (AED)
Create DHA AccountRegister and provide details on DHA websiteNone
Use Self-Assessment ToolAssess eligibility on Sheryan portalNone
Apply for PSV with DataFlowSubmit documents for verificationVaries by profession
Schedule ExamChoose date and location on Prometric siteNone (Exam fees apply)
Pay Exam FeesThrough DHA online portalVaries by exam type
Additional AssessmentsIf required, schedule CBT or oral assessments250 (normal), 2000 (urgent)
Submit ApplicationFinal review and submissionNone

By following these steps, applicants can ensure they are properly registered for the DHA exam, paving the way towards achieving a DHA license to practice in the healthcare sector of Dubai.

Effective Study Strategies for DHA Exam Success

Understanding the DHA Exam Syllabus and Pattern: Comprehensive Syllabus Review: Begin your preparation by thoroughly understanding the DHA exam syllabus and pattern. This foundational step ensures you know the breadth and depth of content covered in the exam.

Creating a Study Timetable: Timetable Development: Allocate study time for each subject according to a timetable that fits your personal schedule. Consistency and regularity in studying are key to covering all necessary material.

Selecting Study Materials: Choosing Reliable Resources: Use study materials that comprehensively cover all areas of the DHA exam syllabus. Quality of material can significantly impact your understanding and retention of the content.

Practice Through Mock Exams Timed Practice Sessions: Engage in timed mock exams to enhance your time management skills and identify areas that need further improvement. Regular practice under exam conditions can build confidence and efficiency.

Focus on High-Yield Topics: Prioritize Core Subjects: For General Practitioners, focus on high-yield topics such as internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, and obstetric emergency medicine. These areas often carry more weight in the exam.

Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills: Timed Problem Practice: Work on answering timed problems to increase both speed and accuracy. This practice helps in managing the actual exam’s time constraints effectively.

Question Prioritization Techniques: Strategic Question Handling: Learn to prioritize questions according to their difficulty levels and avoid spending excessive time on particularly challenging questions.

Stress Management: Incorporate Relaxation Techniques: Engage in stress-relieving activities to maintain a calm mind. Trusting in your preparation is crucial to managing exam stress effectively.

Revision Strategies: Comprehensive Review Sessions: Set aside adequate time for revision and focus on reviewing all studied topics. Pay special attention to areas that you find challenging to ensure a well-rounded preparation.

Maintaining Well-being: Physical and Mental Health: Prioritize both your physical and mental well-being during the exam preparation period. A healthy body and mind can significantly enhance your performance.

Managing Exam Anxiety: Rational Approach to Exam Fear: Use common sense approaches to manage exam fear. Viewing the exam as an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge can help mitigate anxiety.

Table: Key Focus Areas for DHA Exam Preparation

Focus AreaStrategyImportance Level
Syllabus UnderstandingThorough review of content and structureHigh
Study TimetablePersonalized schedule fitting daily routinesHigh
Material SelectionUtilization of comprehensive, reliable sourcesHigh
Mock ExamsRegular timed practice sessionsMedium
High-Yield TopicsPrioritization of core subjects for GPsHigh
Problem-SolvingPractice with timing and accuracyMedium
Question PrioritizationEfficient management of exam timeMedium
Stress ReliefRegular relaxation and confidence in preparationMedium
RevisionDetailed review of all topicsHigh
Well-beingFocus on health during preparationMedium
Exam AnxietyPractical and positive mindset towards the examMedium

By integrating these strategies into your study routine, you can effectively prepare for the DHA exam, enhancing your chances of success and paving the way towards obtaining your DHA license.

What to Expect on DHA Prometric Exam Day

Pre-Exam Preparation

  1. Arrival Time: Arrive early at the test center to allow ample time for security checks and check-in procedures. This helps in settling down and finding your seat without any rush.
  2. Identification and Admission Ticket: Ensure you bring a valid, government-issued photo ID and a printed or electronic copy of your exam admission ticket, which you would have received from Prometric/DHA.

Check-in Procedures

  1. Wear a Mask and Follow Safety Protocols: Adherence to safety protocols, including wearing a mask, is mandatory.
  2. Verification Process: Be prepared for the examination of glasses and identification, and to sign in on a roster sheet using a Prometric-supplied pen.
  3. Storage of Valuables: You may be assigned a locker number and key to store personal items like mobile phones and bags.

During the Exam

  1. Computer-Based Test Format: The DHA exam is a computer-based test covering a wide range of medical topics relevant to your professional field.
  2. No Breaks: Use the restroom before the exam starts as there will be no breaks during the test.
  3. Test Materials: Bring necessary materials such as your ID, pencils, erasers, and any approved testing aides. Confirm with Prometric/DHA for specific guidelines on writing materials allowed in the exam.

Proctoring and Security Measures

  1. Security Screening: Expect to undergo a security screening which includes uncovering arms and ankles, emptying pockets, and scanning with handheld metal detection equipment.
  2. Biometric Verification: Biometric procedures for required programs have been reintroduced to ensure candidate authenticity.
  3. Monitoring: The test room will be monitored solely through existing DVR systems to maintain the integrity of the exam process.

Test-Taking Strategy

  1. Reading Questions Carefully: Take the time to read each question thoroughly and answer to the best of your ability.
  2. Guessing and Moving On: If unsure about an answer, it’s better to take your best guess and then move on to the next question to manage your time effectively.
  3. Staying Calm and Focused: Maintain your focus and stay calm throughout the exam duration to optimize your performance.

Post-Exam Procedures

  1. Sign-Out Process: After completing the exam, return to the reception/admin area to complete the sign-out process.
  2. Return of Materials: Place the pen and locker key in a holding tub for cleaning, ready for the next test taker.

Table: Key Information for DHA Exam Day

ArrivalArrive early for security and check-in
Required IDValid, government-issued photo ID
Exam Admission TicketPrinted/electronic copy required
Personal ItemsLight jacket, bottled water allowed
Writing MaterialsConfirm allowed items with Prometric/DHA
ProctoringBiometrics, security screening, DVR monitoring
Test CompletionComplete sign-out, return materials

By understanding what to expect and preparing accordingly, candidates can approach the DHA exam day with confidence, ensuring all required protocols and procedures are smoothly followed.

After the Exam: Understanding Your Results

Checking Your DHA Exam Results

To view your DHA exam results, follow these steps:

  1. Access the DHA Website: Log in to your account on the DHA website.
  2. Navigate to Exam Results: Go to the ‘Examinations’ or ‘Healthcare Professionals’ section and select ‘Examination Results’ or ‘Results’.
  3. Enter Required Details: Fill in the necessary details to retrieve your results.
  4. Submit and View: Submit your request and view your results.

You will be notified of your results via email or SMS, depending on your selected preference during registration.

Understanding Your Exam Outcome

The DHA exam results are straightforward, indicating either ‘PASS’ or ‘FAIL’. Detailed scores per section are provided for a better understanding of your performance. Here’s what you need to know based on your results:

  • If You Pass: You will receive an eligibility letter, valid for one year. You must activate your professional license within this period; otherwise, the results become null.
  • If You Fail: You can retake the exam. There is no time restriction between attempts, but you are allowed a maximum of three attempts. After three unsuccessful attempts, further action, such as additional training or qualification, is required before reapplying.

Table: Key Actions Post DHA Exam

ResultNext StepsTime Frame
PassReceive eligibility letter, activate license via Sheryan account, pay AED 220 fee1 year to activate
FailReapply for the exam, consider additional training if after third attemptNo specific timeframe

Activating Your Professional License

Upon passing, follow these steps to activate your DHA license:

  1. Log in to Sheryan: Use your credentials to access your account.
  2. License Activation: Follow the prompts to activate your license.
  3. Pay the License Fee: Complete the payment process for the license activation fee.

Reapplying After a Fail

If you do not pass the exam:

  1. Prepare for Reassessment: Consider reviewing the areas of weakness indicated in your score report.
  2. Reapply for the Exam: You can schedule another attempt through the DHA website. Ensure you meet all the current eligibility criteria.
  3. Continuous Improvement: If required, seek additional training or educational resources to enhance your qualifications.

By following these guidelines, candidates can effectively manage their post-exam processes, whether they need to activate their license or prepare for another exam attempt.

Applying for Your DHA License Upon Passing the Exam

Once you have successfully passed the DHA exam, the next step is to apply for and activate your DHA license, enabling you to practice in Dubai’s healthcare sector. This process involves a series of steps that must be completed through the Sheryan portal, the official online system for health regulation managed by the Dubai Health Authority.

Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Your DHA License

Step 1: Submit an Online Application

  1. Log in to Your Sheryan Account: Access your account on the Sheryan portal.
  2. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the online application for license activation. Ensure all details are accurate and up-to-date.

Step 2: Pay License Activation Fees

  • Fee Payment: The license activation fees range from AED 1,000 to AED 4,000. Payments can be made directly through the Sheryan portal using the available online payment methods.

Step 3: Await Approval

  • Processing Time: After submitting your application and fee payment, the application will undergo a review process. Wait for the relevant authority to approve your request.

Employment and Professional Licensing

Once your license is activated, securing employment with a DHA-licensed healthcare facility is essential. This step is crucial as it aligns with the DHA’s regulations that require healthcare professionals to be affiliated with a licensed entity within Dubai.

Step 1: Secure Employment

  • Job Application: Apply for positions at DHA-licensed healthcare facilities. You may consider reaching out to healthcare recruitment agencies in the UAE to broaden your employment opportunities.

Step 2: Submit Online Application for Professional Licensing

  1. Document Submission: Along with your employment details, submit any required documents that verify your professional status and qualifications.
  2. Final Review and Submission: Review all the information for accuracy before the final submission on the Sheryan portal.

Table: Overview of DHA License Application and Activation Process

StepAction RequiredDetails
1. Online ApplicationLog in and fill out the application form on SheryanEnsure accuracy in all provided details
2. Payment of FeesPay the activation feesFees range from AED 1,000 to AED 4,000
3. Await ApprovalProcessing by DHAApproval time varies
4. Secure EmploymentApply for jobs at licensed facilitiesWork with recruitment agencies for opportunities
5. Professional LicensingSubmit additional licensing applicationInclude employment details and professional documentation

By following these steps and ensuring all documentation and fees are correctly handled, applicants can smoothly transition from passing the DHA exam to becoming fully licensed healthcare professionals in Dubai. This process not only complies with the DHA’s stringent regulations but also prepares you for a rewarding career in one of the world’s most dynamic healthcare landscapes.


Embarking on the journey to obtain a DHA license is a significant milestone for healthcare professionals aiming to practice in Dubai. Through this comprehensive guide, we’ve covered the essential steps and strategies, from understanding the DHA licensing process and eligibility criteria to preparing for the DHA exam and applying for the license after passing. This pathway not only reinforces the importance of meticulous preparation but also highlights the Dubai Health Authority’s commitment to maintaining high standards in healthcare services.

As the process culminates in obtaining the DHA license, it opens doors to a world of professional opportunities within Dubai’s advanced healthcare sector. The effort invested in navigating through exams, meeting eligibility requirements, and completing the licensure process is a testament to the dedication required to excel in the medical field. With this guide as a foundational resource, aspiring healthcare professionals are well-equipped to embark on their journey, contributing to the quality of healthcare in Dubai.


To obtain a DHA license certificate, follow these steps:

  1. Use the Self Assessment Tool service.
  2. Ensure all service prerequisites are complete.
  3. Complete and submit the online application.
  4. Pay the necessary fees.
  5. Await the DHA’s review of your application, which could result in approval, rejection, or a request for more information.
  6. If required, pass the oral assessment.

The following documents are required for the DHA exam:

  • A recent passport-size photograph.
  • A copy of your valid passport.
  • Educational qualification certificates.
  • Experience certificates.
  • Current practice license or registration.
  • The Good Standing Certificate (GSC).
  • For surgeons, a 2-year surgical logbook.
  • A medical fitness test for applicants aged 65 and above.

To pass the DHA exam effectively, consider these strategies:

  • Familiarize yourself with the DHA exam syllabus.
  • Understand the duration of the exam.
  • Participate in DHA mock tests.
  • Review previous years’ question papers.
  • Be aware of the different types of DHA exams.
  • Understand how the DHA test is scored.
  • Prepare all necessary exam documents.

No, experience is required to take the DHA exam. The minimum experience requirements are:

  • 2 years for Pharmacists, Nurses, and other Allied Healthcare Professionals.
  • 3 years for General Practitioners.
  • 3 years of postgraduate experience for Specialists.
  • 5 years for Consultants.

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