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UAE MOH Licence - United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention Licensing Services

MOH Exam - MOH LIcense

Healthcare professionals who are looking to grow their careers in UAE need to have a license first before they can practice in the emirate. The UAE MOH licensing program is meant to ensure medical experts are competent and provide safe and quality healthcare services in UAE.

Are you a healthcare professional looking for expert help to secure your MOH license or are you are part of a healthcare institution that is looking to provide healthcare services? PrometricMCQ is the consultant you can call on to help you throughout the process to completion.

The process of applying for an MOH license can be straining and complex, especially for individuals who are new to Dubai. PrometricMCQ provides expert aid to streamline and expedite the entire process.

Through our skills and expertise, we can help you get a new license or renew your license, we relieve off this pressure and errors you may make to reduce delays, allowing you to save cost, time, and effort.

We shall appoint one of our experts to be your point of contact. Thus, you won’t need to work with agencies. PrometricMCQ MOH License experts will help you, from signing up, credentials processing, to obtaining your MOH license.

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Our MOH Licensing Service Packages

PrometricMCQ Main Goal is to Help Streamline MOH Licensing and Renewal Procedures.

MOH Specialist / Consultant License

License for Specialist Physicians / Surgeons / Clinical Pathologist / Dentists and others.

MOH General Practitioner License

License for General Practitioner / Physicians / General Dentists

MOH Healthcare Staff License

License for Nurses / Pharmacist / Technicians / Pathologist / Dental Tech and others.

We Ensure 100% Success Rate for All the Applicants We Pursue

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The MOH Licensing Services Package includes:

PrometricMCQ offers a range of MOH License consulting services. We are committed to providing top-notch consulting and always 100% client focused. Our core services include:

Application for New MOH License

If you are new to UAE or are planning to move for greener pastures and want to get an MOH license, we can help you by applying for a new license on your behalf.

Dataflow Verification

Dataflow verification is the earlier phase of MOH license processing and it is extremely important. Most people don’t know the right procedure but PrometricMCQ can help.

Prometric Exam Registration and Preparation

Most healthcare providers get stuck at this phase. And that’s why we chose to help you register and prepare for your MOH license exam. We offer study materials and mock tests for the exam.

Help with Job Search

We do not leave our clients hanging. For those who have difficulties finding the perfect career, our MOH specialists have a large database of employers who are looking for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Find the answer to the most frequently asked questions from the clients.

  • EMAIL US YOUR DOCUMENTS: The applicant is required to furnish the following scanned documents:

    • A recent Passport-size Photograph
    • A valid Passport Copy
    • Educational Certificates with Transcript
    • Experience Certificates
    • Local Authority License / Registration
    • Good Standing Certificate
    • Logbook for surgical specialties

  • YOUR QUALIFICATION ASSESSMENT: We will conduct your document assessment (this can be done in same day). If applicant is qualified then they have to pay required fees and start their process.

  • SUBMITTING DOCUMENTS & BOOKING EXAM: We will submit your application and book your parametric /oral exam as per your convenience (He/she can choose any center of the Prometric spread worldwide)

  • We have database of Hospitals / Clinics / Pharmacy Companies / Labs and other healthcare organizations in Gulf Countries. We also have direct contacts with most of the HR Managers where we send your CV direct to our contacts.
  • We also do deep research and find placements online and submit your CV.
  • We enhance and optimize your linkedin profile
  • We update your profile on Job Search websites.
  • We send your CV to Medical Recruitment companies.

Yes, we have over 10 year medical HR experience, one of consultant will create / restructure your CV as per best industry practice. We also redesign your CV if required.

And don’t worry, we will send you a reminder through email and admin notice banner of your WordPress dashboard.

Why Choose PrometricMCQ for Your MOH License?

Do you want to know why most healthcare professionals like you have been successful through the assistance of PrometricMCQ? Here is Why:

Professional Skills

We, PrometricMCQ, have the skills of offering MOH License assistance in UAE and the Gulf. We boast vast experience and knowledge in the field.

Wide Network of Partners

Over the years, we have established strong partnerships with different stakeholders in the healthcare industry who can come in handy, especially during job search.

Guaranteed Success

We promise you that our process of MOH registration and exam application yields success without a hassle.

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