How to apply for DHA Prometric Exam for GP Doctor

How to apply for DHA Prometric Exam for GP Doctor

How to apply for DHA Prometric Exam for GP Doctor

For medical professionals aiming to practice in Dubai, passing the DHA Prometric Exam for GP Doctor is a crucial step. This computer-based test, conducted in English, is the gateway for doctors, especially General Practitioners (GPs), to obtain a DHA License to practice in the bustling city of Dubai, UAE. 

The DHA Prometric Exam assesses the knowledge, skills, and abilities essential for healthcare professionals to align with international standards and contribute to Dubai’s healthcare system.

This comprehensive guide will navigate through the essentials of the DHA Prometric Exam for GP Doctor, from understanding the exam’s framework to the steps for applying, including creating an account on the DHA website, completing the Primary Source Verification (PSV) with DataFlow, and scheduling the exam at Prometric test center locations. 

Additionally, it will cover the payment of the Prometric exam fee, preparation tips, handling the exam day, and steps to take after receiving the Prometric exam result to progress in one’s medical career in Dubai.

Understanding the DHA Prometric Exam for GP Doctor

The DHA Prometric Exam is a comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate the readiness of healthcare professionals to practice medicine in Dubai. This section delves into the structure, content, and importance of the exam for General Practitioners (GPs).

DHA Exam for General Practitioner Structure and Content

The DHA Prometric Exam for GPs is primarily a multiple-choice question (MCQ) test, designed to cover a broad range of medical topics essential for practicing medicine in Dubai. Here’s a breakdown of the exam structure:

    • Number of Questions and Duration: The exam typically consists of approximately 150 MCQs, which need to be completed within a span of 3 hours and 30 minutes.
    • Areas Covered: The test is divided into two main sections:
        • Basic Sciences: This section tests foundational medical knowledge.
        • Clinical Medicine: This section assesses the candidate’s ability to apply medical knowledge in clinical scenarios.
    • Topics Included: The DHA GP exam syllabus includes diverse topics such as Chronic Diseases, Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Surgery, and more, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of a GP’s knowledge.

Importance of the DHA Prometric Exam for GP Doctor

Passing the DHA Prometric Exam for GP Doctor is crucial for any medical professional seeking to establish a practice in Dubai. It serves several key purposes:

    • Assessment of Professional Competency: The exam evaluates a candidate’s knowledge in various medical domains, ensuring they meet the high standards required to provide quality healthcare.
    • Licensing Requirement: It is a mandatory step for obtaining a medical license to practice in Dubai, aligning with the Dubai Health Authority’s regulations.
    • Alignment with International Standards: The exam ensures that the healthcare professionals’ capabilities are on par with global standards, thereby maintaining the quality of healthcare services in Dubai.

DHA Exam Eligibility and Preparation Resources

Candidates must meet specific DHA exam for GP Doctor requirements to be eligible for the test. Preparation for the exam can be aided by various resources:

    • DHA Exam Questions Review: Candidates can access past exam questions and Sheryan self-assessment resources to better prepare for the test.
    • DHA Exam Syllabus Coverage: Thorough preparation across the listed topics in the GP exam syllabus is crucial for a good performance.

Understanding the structure and significance of the DHA Prometric Exam is essential for every GP aspiring to practice in Dubai. This exam not only assesses theoretical knowledge and clinical proficiency but also ensures that the healthcare standards of the region are upheld by its practitioners.

DHA License Eligibility Criteria

To ensure a successful application for the DHA Prometric Exam for GP Doctors, candidates must meet specific eligibility criteria. The following guidelines provide a detailed overview of the requirements necessary to apply for the exam:

Basic Eligibility Requirements

    • Educational Qualifications:
        • Candidates must possess a recognized medical degree from an accredited institution.
        • Necessary documentation includes medical degrees and certificates of experience.
    • Professional Experience:
        • A minimum of one year of internship.
        • At least two years of clinical experience in the candidate’s home country.
    • Licensure and Registration:
        • A valid professional license or registration certificate from the candidate’s home country or country of practice.
        • Completion of a Good Standing Certificate issued by the previous regulatory authority or employer.

Specialized Qualifications

Depending on the specialty, additional qualifications may be required, such as further training or certifications for specialists and consultants. Each specialty has its own specific criteria, available for review on the DHA website.

Verification and Assessment

    • Primary Source Verification:
        • Before starting the DataFlow process, professionals should ensure their eligibility through the Sheryan self-assessment portal.
        • Verification of educational and professional credentials is mandatory.
    • Country-Specific Requirements:
        • Doctors trained in certain countries may be exempt from the DHA exam or assessment, while others may need to undertake an oral examination or a Prometric Exam in their home country.
    • Exam Specifics:
        • The minimum percentage of marks required to clear the DHA exam is 60%, with 150 MCQs to be answered within a two-hour duration.

Application Process

    • Candidates should check their eligibility on the DHA website. If there are any discrepancies or rejections, candidates can seek clarification by sending an email to [email protected].

Additional Documentation 

    • Apart from educational and professional documents, candidates must also provide identification proofs and a clear criminal record.

It is crucial for candidates to regularly check the DHA website or directly contact them for the most up-to-date and accurate eligibility criteria and exam information. This ensures that all preparations align with the current requirements, facilitating a smoother application process.

Creating an Account on the DHA Website

To begin utilizing the services provided by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) for the Prometric exam and other healthcare-related procedures, creating an account on the DHA website is a necessary first step. This guide will walk you through the process of account creation, detailing each step clearly.

Step-by-Step Account Creation Process

    • Visit the DHA Homepage:
        • Go to DHA homepage. Here, you will find the option to create a new account by click on Login at top right side.
    • Account Registration:
        • On the login page, click on ‘Register‘. You will be redirected to the Single Sign-On page where you can start your registration process.
    • Fill in Required Details:
        • You will need to provide personal information including:
            • Username
            • Email
            • Password
            • First Name, Middle Name, Last Name
            • Nationality
            • Phone Number
            • Gender
    • Submit the Registration Form:
        • After filling in all the details, click ‘Register’. You will then receive a confirmation email containing an activation code.
    • Activate Your Account:
        • Enter the activation code received in your confirmation email to complete the account creation process.
    • Log In to Your Account:
        • Once your account is activated, you can log in using your DHA Username and Password. Alternatively, UAE PASS can also be used for logging in.
    • Access DHA Services:
        • After logging in, you can access various services such as Ask Latifa (DHA Virtual Assistant), Wassel Sotak (Send Feedback), and Chat (Chat with Our Experts).
    • Document Submission and Verification:
        • For the DHA Prometric Exam application, you will need to upload necessary documents such as medical degrees, certificates of experience, and identification proofs through the website. Follow the prompts to submit and verify your documents.

Accessibility Features

The DHA website is equipped with accessibility options to assist all users:

    • Text Resize: Allows users to adjust the text size for better readability.
    • Contrast Switch: Users can switch the screen contrast to suit their visual preferences.
    • Screen Reader: Supports screen reading software for visually impaired users.

By following these steps, you can successfully create an account on the DHA website and start your journey towards taking the DHA Prometric Exam for GPs. Ensure all your information is accurate and keep your login details secure for future use.

Primary Source Verification (PSV) with DataFlow

Primary Source Verification (PSV) is an essential step for healthcare professionals preparing to take the DHA Prometric Exam. This process is managed by DataFlow, an international company that verifies the authenticity of documents directly from the original source. Here’s a detailed guide on how to navigate the PSV process with DataFlow.

Step-by-Step Guide to Completing PSV with DataFlow

    • Pre-Eligibility Check:
        • Before initiating the DataFlow process, ensure that you are eligible for the DHA Prometric Exam. The Pre-eligibility Prometric Dataflow service can be accessed to confirm your eligibility.
    • Document Preparation:
        • Gather all necessary documentation, including medical degrees, certificates of experience, and identification proofs. These documents are crucial for the verification process.
    • Accessing DataFlow Portal:
        • Visit the DataFlow Group website at Navigate to ‘Verification Services’, select ‘By Country of Regulator/Organisation’, choose ‘UAE’, and then select ‘Dubai Health Authority’ from the dropdown menu.
    • Account Registration and Login:
        • For first-time users, register on the portal by providing your first and last name, email ID, and DHA ID at Set up your password and log in to proceed.
    • Filling Out Personal Details:
        • In the ‘Personal Details’ section, upload a clear copy of your passport and fill in the necessary details. If applicable, include a name change certificate.
    • Application Submission:
        • Select the appropriate category and subcategory relevant to your profession. Download, print, sign, scan, and upload the Letter of Authorization. Consent to the verification process in the respective section.
    • Creating a New Case:
        • In the ‘Create a Case’ section, choose ‘Create a New Data Flow Case’ if you are applying for the first time. Review your application carefully to ensure all data is correct.
    • Payment and Processing:
        • Proceed to the Payment Summary page, review your case details, and complete the payment process. The regular service cost varies from 1000 to 1500 UAE Dirham, depending on the healthcare category.
    • Expedited Service Option:
        • For urgent verifications, consider the Express service, which costs an additional AED 500. This service guarantees a refund if the verification process exceeds 14 working days.
    • Tracking and Completion:
        • The verification process typically takes 24 to 48 working days. You can track the progress directly on the DataFlow portal. Once completed, the PSV report can be transferred to the concerned health authority as needed.

Tips for Efficient Processing

    • Prompt Responses: Encourage your educational institutions and previous employers to respond quickly to queries from DataFlow to expedite the process.
    • Additional Verifications: If there is a significant gap between your last DataFlow verification and a new exam registration, only verify the experience certificate for the gap period or any new degree obtained.

By following these steps and preparing adequately, healthcare professionals can ensure a smooth and timely PSV process with DataFlow, paving the way for their DHA Prometric exam and future career in Dubai.

Scheduling Your Exam Date and Location

To schedule the DHA Prometric Exam for GPs, follow these straightforward steps to ensure you secure your preferred exam date and location efficiently:

Step-by-Step Guide to Scheduling the Exam

    • Visit the Prometric Official Website:
        • Navigate to the Prometric official website to begin the scheduling process.
    • Generate Your DHA CBT Eligibility ID:
        • Provide your DHA Unique ID to generate a DHA CBT Eligibility ID, which is essential for scheduling the exam.
    • Determine Your Exemption Status:
        • Before proceeding, check if you are exempt from any part of the exam based on your qualifications and experience.
    • Select Category, Title, and Specialty:
        • Choose the appropriate category, title, and specialty relevant to your professional credentials.
    • Locate the Nearest Prometric Test Center:
        • Use the website’s functionality to find the closest Prometric test center location that is convenient for you.
    • Search for Available Exam Dates:
        • Check the availability of exam dates at your chosen location.
    • Book Your Exam Date:
        • Once you find a suitable date, proceed to book your exam.
    • Confirm and Receive Receipt:
        • After scheduling, ensure you receive a confirmation or receipt which will be necessary on the exam day.
    • Option to Reschedule or Cancel:
        • If needed, you can reschedule or cancel your exam through the same scheduling portal.

By following these steps, you can successfully schedule your DHA Prometric Exam for GPs. Make sure to double-check all details during the booking process to avoid any issues on the day of the exam.

Payment of DHA Exam Fees

Paying the exam fees for the DHA Prometric Exam is a crucial step in the application process. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the fees for General Practitioners and other healthcare professionals for the year 2024, including VAT.

Fee Structure for General Practitioners

    • Application Fee: AED 220 – This is a non-refundable fee required to process the application.
    • Prometric DHA Examination Fee: AED 1,020 – This fee covers the cost of administering the exam.

Fee Comparison Across Different Specialties

ProfessionApplication Fee (AED)Prometric Exam Fee (AED)
General Practitioners2201,020


By ensuring that the correct fees are paid promptly, candidates can avoid delays in their application process and secure their examination slot as planned.

Preparing for the Exam

Understanding the Exam Structure and Content

The DHA Prometric Exam for GPs is a computer-based test comprising 150 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), covering a wide range of medical topics. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the exam format, including the time limits, number of questions per section, and the absence of negative marking. This understanding will help you manage your time effectively during the exam.

Developing a Tailored Study Plan

Creating a detailed study plan is crucial for effective preparation. Allocate time to different topics based on their complexity and importance. Here’s how you can organize your study schedule:

  1. List Down Topics: Start by listing all the topics covered in the DHA exam syllabus, noting the weightage of each topic.
  2. Allocate Study Time: Assign more time to topics that carry higher weightage or are more complex.<
  3. Break Down Sessions: Divide your study sessions into manageable segments, focusing on one topic at a time.

DHA General Practitioner Exam Coverage:

  • Chronic Diseases
  • Acute and/or Common Medical Problems
  • Common Pediatric Problems
  • Women Health
  • Emergency Problems
  • Common Surgical Problems
  • Common Psychiatric Problems
  • Common Eye and ENT Problems
  • Common Derma Problems
  • Basic Epidemiology and EBM Concepts
  • Family Medicine Concepts

Screening and Periodic Health ExaminationUtilizing the Right Study Materials

Selecting appropriate study materials is vital for your exam preparation. Use a combination of textbooks recommended by the DHA, online resources, and practice exams. Here are some suggestions:

    • Textbooks: Choose the latest editions of medical textbooks that cover the DHA syllabus topics in detail.
    • Online Resources: Utilize platforms like for practice tests for learning more about Dubai’s healthcare practices.
    • Practice Exams: Regularly take practice exams to assess your knowledge and adjust your study plan accordingly.

Engaging in Effective Revision Techniques

Regular review and revision of the material you have studied are necessary to reinforce your knowledge. Here are some strategies to enhance your revision sessions:

    • Mock Tests: Take full-length mock tests under timed conditions to simulate the actual exam experience.
    • Group Study: Join or form a study group with other candidates to discuss and clarify difficult topics.
    • Flashcards: Use flashcards for quick revision of important facts and figures.

Managing Stress and Ensuring Well-being

Maintaining your mental and physical health is as important as your academic preparation. Implement the following practices to manage stress and stay healthy:

    • Regular Exercise: Engage in regular physical activities to improve your endurance and focus.
    • Relaxation Techniques: Practice meditation, deep breathing exercises, or yoga to manage stress effectively.
    • Adequate Rest: Ensure you get enough sleep, especially in the days leading up to the exam.

Table: High-Yield Topics and Study Focus

TopicStudy FocusSuggested Resources
Anatomy and PhysiologyDetailed study of systems and functionsMedical textbooks, Online modules
PathophysiologyUnderstanding disease mechanismsCase studies, Review articles
Diagnostic ProceduresTechniques and interpretation of resultsClinical guides, Practical workshops
Ethics and LawsRegulations in Dubai’s healthcare systemOnline courses, Legal textbooks

By following these structured steps and utilizing the resources effectively, you can enhance your preparation for the DHA Prometric Exam and approach the test with confidence.

The Day of the Exam

On the day of your DHA Prometric Exam, arriving prepared and on time is crucial. Here are the steps and tips to ensure a smooth experience:

Essential Items to Bring

Ensure you have all necessary items for the exam day:

    • Government-issued photo ID: This is required to verify your identity.
    • Exam admission ticket: You must present this document to gain entry to the testing center.
    • Writing materials: Bring pencils, erasers, and any other approved testing aides.
    • Recent passport-sized photograph: This may be required for additional identification purposes.

Arrival at the Testing Center

To avoid any last-minute stress, follow these guidelines:

    1. Arrive Early: Aim to reach the testing center at least 30 minutes before your scheduled exam time to allow for security checks and check-in procedures.
    1. Find Your Seat: Use the extra time to locate your seat, get settled, and relax before the exam begins.

During the Exam

Maximize your performance by adhering to these strategies:

    • Read Each Question Carefully: Take your time to understand each question thoroughly before answering.
    • Manage Time Efficiently: Keep track of time and distribute it appropriately across questions to ensure you answer all of them.
    • Stay Calm and Focused: Keeping a calm demeanor can help you think more clearly and perform better.

Prohibited Items

Be aware of items not allowed in the testing room to avoid any violations of the exam policies: 

    • Electronic Devices: Cell phones, smartwatches, and other electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited.

Exam Conduct

Understanding and adhering to Prometric and DHA’s exam policies is essential:

    • Policy Review: Make sure you have read and understood all the exam policies and procedures beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings.

By following these guidelines, you can approach your DHA Prometric Exam with confidence, knowing you are well-prepared and informed about the procedures and expectations on the exam day.

After the Exam: Result and Next Steps

Checking Your Result

The DHA Prometric Exam results are typically released within 5 working days. To check your results: 

    • Visit the Official DHA Website: Navigate to the DHA official website and access the ‘Examinations’ or ‘Healthcare Professionals’ section.
    • Log In: Enter your DHA Sheryan account credentials to log in.
    • Enter Details: Input your application number and date of birth to access your results.
    • Download and Print: Locate the ‘Examination Results’ or ‘Results’ section, where you can view and download your result. Keep a printed copy for your records.

Understanding Your Score

The result will provide a detailed breakdown of your performance across different sections of the exam. This breakdown can help you identify areas of strength and those needing improvement.

If You Pass the Exam

Upon passing the DHA Prometric Exam:

    • Celebrate Your Success: Take a moment to appreciate your hard work and achievement.
    • Check for Additional Requirements: Verify if there are any further steps or documentation required by the DHA.
    • Apply for Licensure: Proceed with the application for your medical practice license.
    • Prepare for Interviews: If applicable, start preparing for job interviews in medical facilities in Dubai.

If You Do Not Pass the Exam

If you do not achieve the required score:

    • Review the Exam Result: Analyze which sections of the exam were not successful.
    • Consider Re-Evaluation: If you believe there has been an error in the marking, you can request a review of your result.
    • Prepare for a Retake: You can retake the exam within three months without additional fees. Utilize this time to focus on areas of weakness.
    • Seek Support: Consider joining study groups or seeking professional help to better prepare for the next attempt.

Retake Preparation Strategy

For those preparing to retake the exam, consider the following steps to enhance your preparation:

    • Analyze Previous Performance: Understand where you lost marks and why.
    • Develop a Study Plan: Focus on weak areas and allocate more time to them.
    • Practice with Sample Questions: Regular practice can greatly improve your chances.
    • Review Notes and Resources: Go over your study materials again, especially those related to areas where you scored less.
    • Rest and Stay Positive: Ensure you are well-rested before the exam and maintain a positive outlook.

Table: Action Plan for Retake Preparation

Action ItemDescription
Analyze Exam PerformanceReview which areas need improvement based on the score report.
Update Study MaterialsIncorporate more resources that focus on weak sections.
Schedule Study SessionsPlan regular, focused study times leading up to the retake.
Practice TestsRegularly take practice exams to track progress.
Rest and Positive MindsetEnsure adequate rest and maintain confidence in your abilities.

Additional Considerations

For candidates who fail the exam three times:

    • Exploring Other Opportunities: Consider applying for exams under other medical authorities like HAAD or MOH.
    • Skill Enhancement: Before reapplying, enhance your qualifications or gain additional experience to improve your profile.

By following these steps and utilizing the resources effectively, you can either proceed with your medical career in Dubai after passing the exam or prepare effectively for a retake if needed.


To increase your chances of passing the DHA Exam, consider the following approaches:

  • Familiarize yourself with the DHA exam syllabus.
  • Understand the allotted time for the exam.
  • Take part in DHA mock tests.
  • Review past exam questions.
  • Be aware of the different types of DHA exams.
  • Learn how the DHA test is scored.
  • Prepare all necessary documents for the exam.

For a General Practitioner preparing for the DHA Exam, it’s important to cover a wide range of medical knowledge across various specialties. Here are some recommended books and resources tailored specifically for General Practitioners:

The following books are highly recommended for DHA Exam preparation:

  • Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, Latest Edition, Saunders (Elsevier).
  • Primary Care Medicine, Latest Edition, Goroll and Mulley.
  • The Johns Hopkins Manual of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Latest Edition Johns Hopkins Institute.
  • Harrison’s Principles of Internal medicine, Latest Edition, McGraw-Hill.
  • Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties, Latest Edition, Collier and Longmore.
  • Psychiatry for Primary Care Physicians, Latest Edition, Goldman, Wise, and Brody.
  • Primary Care Medicine: Office Evaluation and Management of the Adult Patient, Latest Edition.

The DHA Prometric Exam for General Practitioners is formatted as a multiple-choice questionnaire comprising 150 questions, which need to be completed within three hours. The questions are distributed evenly across two main sections: clinical and general medicine, each containing 75 questions​ This format is designed to assess a wide range of knowledge and skills relevant to general medical practice.

For practice questions for the DHA Exam, you can explore resources available at both PrometricMCQ and These websites offer a variety of study materials, including multiple-choice questions (MCQs) tailored specifically for the DHA Exam for General Practitioners:

  • – This site provides a vast collection of practice questions for various specialties including general practice. It’s designed to simulate the exam environment, helping you to familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions you might encounter during the actual DHA Prometric Exam.

  • – This platform offers comprehensive preparation materials, including practice questions and mock exams. It also provides strategies and tips for effectively preparing for the exam, as well as updates on new questions added to their database​ (DHA Exam Preparation and DHA License)​.

Both platforms are excellent resources for ensuring thorough preparation by offering up-to-date and relevant practice questions that reflect the actual exam’s structure and content.

The results of the DHA Prometric Exam for General Practitioners are typically issued within a few days after the examination date. The exact timing can vary, so it’s important for candidates to check with the Dubai Health Authority or the specific examination center for the most accurate information on when they can expect their results. This allows enough time for the exam to be scored and processed thoroughly.

Yes, there are online practice tests available for the DHA Prometric Exam for General Practitioners. Websites like and offer practice tests that simulate the actual exam environment.

These tests include a variety of questions tailored to the exam’s content and format, helping candidates to familiarize themselves with the types of questions they will encounter and to practice time management skills under exam conditions.

These resources are invaluable for candidates looking to assess their readiness and improve their performance in the actual DHA Prometric Exam.

To apply for the DHA Prometric Exam for General Practitioners, candidates typically need to submit several types of documentation. These usually include:

  1. Educational Qualifications: A copy of your medical degree certificate and any other relevant qualifications.
  2. Professional Experience: Documents or certificates that verify your clinical experience, often specifying the minimum required period.
  3. Passport Copy: A valid passport copy for identification purposes.
  4. Passport-sized Photographs: Recent color photographs that meet specified criteria.
  5. License: A copy of your current medical license or registration from the medical council or board of your home country.
  6. Good Standing Certificate: A certificate from the medical board where you are currently licensed, indicating that you are in good standing.
  7. Application Form: A completed application form specific to the DHA exam, which may need to be filled out online.
  8. Payment of Fees: Proof of payment for the application or examination fee.

Each document must typically be authenticated or verified according to the DHA’s guidelines. It’s important to check the official Dubai Health Authority website or contact their support directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on application requirements, as these can vary and may be updated periodically.

Failing the DHA Prometric Exam for General Practitioners can result from a variety of common reasons, including:

  1. Inadequate Preparation: One of the most frequent reasons for not passing the exam is insufficient preparation. Candidates may not spend enough time reviewing the required materials or may not cover all the necessary topics thoroughly.

  2. Poor Time Management: The exam has a strict time limit, and failing to manage time effectively during the test can prevent candidates from answering all the questions, especially those that may require more critical thinking or calculation.

  3. Lack of Practice with Exam Format: Candidates who are not familiar with the multiple-choice format of the exam or who have not practiced with sample questions might struggle with the style and structure of the questions, leading to lower scores.

  4. Anxiety and Stress: Test anxiety can significantly affect performance. Candidates might feel overwhelmed or panic during the exam, which can lead to mistakes even if they know the material well.

  5. Language Barriers: As the exam is conducted in English, non-native English speakers may find language to be a barrier, particularly if they are not fluent or comfortable with medical terminology in English.

  6. Overlooking Details in Questions: The DHA exam often includes questions that test attention to detail and the ability to differentiate between closely related concepts. Missing subtle details in questions or rushing through them can lead to incorrect answers.

  7. Insufficient Clinical Experience: Practical experience is crucial, as the exam tests the application of medical knowledge in clinical scenarios. Lack of adequate real-world experience might hinder a candidate’s ability to correctly answer practical questions.

To mitigate these issues, candidates are advised to begin their preparation well in advance, utilize practice exams to become familiar with the format, manage stress effectively, and ensure a strong grasp of both theoretical knowledge and practical applications in medicine.

The DHA Prometric Exam for General Practitioners can be taken at designated Prometric testing centers. Prometric has a wide network of testing centers located in various countries around the world, which makes it convenient for candidates, including those living outside of Dubai or the UAE, to find a suitable location to take the exam.

To find a testing center near you and to schedule your exam, you should visit the Prometric website, where you can search for available test centers by location. Additionally, you can also manage appointments and check for available dates. It’s important to register and schedule your exam in advance due to varying availability at different test centers.

Yes, the DHA Prometric Exam for General Practitioners can be deferred or rescheduled. Candidates who are unable to attend the exam on the scheduled date due to unforeseen circumstances typically have the option to reschedule. This process can be done through the Prometric website, where candidates can log into their testing profile to choose a new date and, if necessary, pay any associated fees for rescheduling.

It’s important to check the specific policies related to rescheduling or deferring exams as there may be deadlines or fees involved. Additionally, availability of new dates will depend on the capacity of the testing centers. Candidates are encouraged to plan ahead and reschedule as early as possible to find a suitable date.

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