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All medical professionals looking for a career in the UAE and Oman are required to appear in a qualifying examination conducted by the Ministry of Health (MOH), govt. of UAE. The MOH certifies the successful candidates to work in five emirates in the UAE (barring Dubai and Abu Dhabi) and Oman. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have their own licensing authorities- the DHA and HAAD respectively.

Medical Profession Licensing Department of the MOH is responsible for implementing the policies concerning licensing and recognition of professional status of those specializing in healthcare and of consultants to the ministry. All these professionals have to appear for and clear the examination conducted by MOH to get their license or status recognition.

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These exams are very tough and competitive and only the best succeed. It requires a focused and single minded approach to prepare for these exams. We at help you do just that. Our course materials are comprehensive and designed to thoroughly prepare you for the MOH exams. The practice sets of MCQs and the self evaluation tools make you exam ready and confident. Our modules cover all the major specialties focusing on specific requirements of each.

With the number of applicants  increasing  every year the exams are getting tougher by the day. It requires special effort on part of the candidates to keep pace with the  ever changing pattern and content of these exams.

It’s here that Prometric comes into the picture. has been monitoring the MOH program on an ongoing basis for many years now and actively updating the course contents and the MCQs, which are genuine past years’ exam questions. The standard of our MCQ tests are at par with the actual exam and give you a realistic assessment of your exam worthiness.

The self evaluation tool help you analyze your performance in the practice MCQs focusing on the question content, answers you selected and the correct answers. This helps in gauging your preparation level for the MOH exam, what your shortcomings are, and how much more effort you need to put in.

There are many medical jobs available in the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman after clearing the relevant MOH exams. License and status recognition are given in the field of General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Optometry and Orthopedics, Medical Laboratory, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Dental Technicians, and more. Nursing and Psychology licenses are issued by Nursing Administration and Psychology Array respectively.

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Accessing the tests is easy. Once you purchase a subscription, you’ll receive the link to the online assessments along with the login details. There is no waiting time…you can start right away!

After logging in you can start the assessment. The questions can be taken sequentially or in any random order. Once you mark an answer, you’ll instantly get to know if it is correct or not. The practice test displays the correct answer for every question (MCQ). You can compare your answers with the answer key and find out what part you’ve missed and the areas you need to improve, focus and study. You can also mark a question for review and attempt it later after consulting your notes, textbooks or other reference material.