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PrometricMCQ is happy to announce we shall now help healthcare providers who want to practice in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf obtain their SCFHS license. If you are a medical expert looking to move to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to work and live there, the law requires you to have a certificate of professional registration and classification from SCFHS (Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

There are some conditions and requirements that you must satisfy to sign up with SCFHS such as sitting for the Saudi Medical License Exam for attaining the SCFHS license.

With its planning for the Vision 2030 project, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become an attractive destination to live and work. At PrometricMCQ, we have seen many healthcare professionals applying for the SCFHS, now more than ever before.

Our processing for obtaining the SCFHS is easy and straightforward. So, when you entrust us with your licensing application, you can be confident you will secure your medical license.

Specialists at PrometricMCQ have years of experience and knowledge in assisting medical experts to obtain their practice license, orderly and quickly. Moving to a foreign country is strenuous and uncertain. So, allow us to relieve you of the stress of dealing with your SCFHS medical license, as you focus on other activities.

SCFHS Licensure Requirements

As you may know, all healthcare professionals who desire to work in Saudi Arabia must provide some form of evidence in form of credentials to be eligible for the license, here is what you need to get started:

  • Copies of your academic credentials.
  • Attested Employment certificate from previous or current employer.
  • Mark sheets and transcripts to confirm your performance throughout your studies
  • A completed SCFHC form for application. You will get this form from your employer.
  • An Updated resume.
  • A copy of Iqama.
  • Copies of your passport photos with white background.
  • Copies of front and back pages of your passport.
  • Application fees.


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SCFHS Specialist License License for Specialist Physicians / Surgeons / Clinical Pathologist / Dentists and others.

SCFHS GP License License for General Practitioner / Physicians / General Dentists and others..

SCFHS Healthcare Staff License License for Nurses / Pharmacist / Technicians / Pathologist / Dental Tech and others.

SCFHS License Package includes:

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Our SCFHS License Services (packages) For healthcare professionals looking for assistance, we provide the following SCFHS licensing assistance:

Application for a New License

If you are planning to work in Saudi Arabia for the first time as a medical expert, we can help you with your SCFHS license. Let us help you.

Application Transfer License

We can also help you transfer your license to SCFHS license. The process is quick and seamless.

SCFHS License Activation

Have you had your license expired before? PrometricMCQ can help activate your license to regain your status.

Help with Title Change

If you already have your SCFHS license, and want to change your title, we can help you obtain the title you desire.

Dataflow- Primary Source Verification

Dataflow verification is one of the initial stages of the SCFHS license process and it is key. This procedure can be complicated and that’s why we offer it to our clients.

SCFHS Exam Registration & Preparation

A lot of healthcare professionals usually don’t know where to start with their exam registration. At PrometricMCQ, we register exams and offer preparation materials.

Help with Job Search

If you need help with finding the right job in Saudi Arabia, consult with us on how we can help you find your dream job.
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How it Works Our process of applying for the SCFHS license in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf is as simple as follows:


Collection of Documents

We require our applicants to submit all the requested documents, as highlighted above and meet all the requirements as necessary.


Dataflow Verification

PrometricMCQ, through SCFHS, uses DataFlow to verify your application including academic qualifications and employment testimonials.


Classification & SCFHS Licensing Exam

PrometricMCQ will then apply your profile to the SCFHS online portal by entering all the details required for review.



If your application is approved, you will be termed as “eligible for licensing” and then receive an eligibility number to let you sign up for your SCFHS licensing exam.


Conducting the Exam

You will be required to sit for the exam before you relocate to Saudi Arabia. At PrometricMCQ we provide exam preparation materials to help you prepare early.


Professional Certificate

If you successfully pass your SCFHS license exam, your application will be reviewed once again before you are awarded a Professional Classification Certificate.

Frequently Asked Question

Questions and Answers for SCFHS License By PrometricMCQ
The SCFHS license is a certified permit that allows healthcare professionals to live and work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It is a computer-based test that healthcare professionals must take in order to obtain the SCFHS license to practice in Saudi Arabia. The authority responsible for this exam only administer tests for a limited number of healthcare categories that are not found in computer-based examination technology.

The process is quite straightforward. You will need to visit the official eservices of SCFHS website and register your details. The next step would be to ask for your certificate of good standing. You will be required to share your registration number, which is stipulated in your Saudi License.

There are various ways through which you can pay for your SCFHS exam. But since it is quite a process, hiring a healthcare consultant like PrometricMCQ can help pay for the exam on your behalf. Keep in mind, you only be required to pay for the SADAD one time.

You can apply for your exam through PrometricMCQ, once we have registered your profile, we will apply for your eligibility number.

Healthcare professionals are categorized based on their experience and academic qualifications shared to the authority.

There are two exam types for SCFHS exams: the computer-based exam (CBT), which is issued by Prometric, and interviews or evaluations- whereby healthcare professionals are evaluated by a designated council in a hospital situated in the medical specialist’s country of residence.
Yes, you can. But you will need to do this via the unified portal for healthcare professionals. Alternatively, you can commission PrometricMCQ to make application on your behalf.
3 attempts. At the moment, candidates can only attempt the SCFHS test up to the third time. If you fail the two first test, you can apply for reactivation of your eligibility number to be able to sit for the third and the last exam attempt.
There are a total of 60 multiple-choice questions. The duration of the SCFHS exam is approximately 90 minutes.
While there are some discussions that the SCFHS is not as difficult as other medical licensing exam, you should not take it lightly. It would best to prepare for your SCFHS test well and cover everything. Consider trying prometric preparation exams by PrometricMCQ to understand how the questions are set and answered.

Why Choose PrometricMCQ for Your SCFH License? Do you want to know why most healthcare professionals like you have been successful through the assistance of PrometricMCQ? Here is Why:

Professional Skills

We, PrometricMCQ, have the skills of offering SCFH License assistance in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. We boast vast experience and knowledge in the field.

Wide Network of Partners

Over the years, we have established strong partnerships with different stakeholders in the healthcare industry who can come in handy, especially during job search.

Guaranteed Success

We promise you that our process of SCFHS registration and exam application yields success without a hassle.

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