A general guide for DHA exam: Way to apply for prometric exam in UAE

A general guide for DHA exam: Way to apply for prometric exam in UAE 

Health Professionals who wish to pursue their career in Dubai, United Arab Emirates have to pass a DHA exam to get a working DHA license for from Dubai Health Authority department.

DHA Exam
What is DHA Exam stand for?

Dubai Health Authority (DHA Exam) is an assessing body to supervise the health care department in Dubai, UAE. The Health Regulation Department (HRD) in DHA is exclusively liable for licensing the qualified professionals with proper skills to make certain the quality of healthcare services and safety of inhabitants in Dubai. 

The General Guideline of DHA Exam for candidates: 

The candidate should reflect on the following things when filling the application form to avoid any inconvenience or delay in license issuing process or any rejection about the application: 

  • Write your name and spells which should be exactly same as identification document (Passport). 
  • Upload the required documents in “JPEG/PDF format only”. 
  • Name the required documents (scanned copies) according to the certificates. Don’t give them numbers like 1, 2, 3 etc. For example Passport, Degree, Transcript, Picture and Experience Letter. 
  • If an applicant does not have required document he/she have to upload a justification letter. 
  • For surgeons, there must be a log book which is too submitted in experience field. 

Note: If the candidate fails to provide the required documents after 3 attempts the application is rejected. 

Application Submission 

  1. The candidate may save the application “as draft” by clicking the option on application portal at the bottom of the page in order to save information. 
  1. Once the application has submitted a reference number is generated automatically to check the status of your application. It helps in tracking the application more conveniently. 
  1. The payment form will also generate automatically after an application is being submitted. 
  1. The candidate should check their application portal from time to time in order to get any feedback from DHA. 

Want to know about payment? 

The DHA Exam Cost / DHA License application fee for all health professionals is 210 AED. 

The payment should be done online by using a credit card. 

Information about application reviewed by DHA: 

Candidate application will check and verified by The Licensing & Accreditation Section in HRD, DHA. The application processes within 6 weeks if you provide all documents.
Note: If there is a delay you should check your application portal “Pending Tasks Section”. 

Primary source verification (PSV) 

After your application being reviewed and approved from HRD, the educational documents will be sent to the institutes from where the candidate got the degree in order to verify, this primary source verification enables HRD to access the genuine applicant. After verification, an email will be sent to the applicant for PSV payment. 

The PSV fees for:
Physicians and Dentists: starts from AED 1000 

Other categories of health professionals: Starts from AED 700 

Assessment form DHA Exam

Professionals applying for a license from DHA have to pass the assessment “except for particular candidates holding certain certificates 

Assessment mode is either orally or at DHA Exam Prometric Center. 

DHA Exam Assessment fees:  

DHA Exam For physicians and Dentists 

Normal: AED 510 

Urgent: AED 2010 

For other categories of professionals:   

Normal: AED 260 

Urgent: AED 2010 

Notification about the result of assessment will be sent to applicant’s inbox. 

Issuance of Eligibility letter 

After the assessment has been completed and applicant passes the exam, an eligibility order will be issued online, which the candidate will get from his/her application account. The particular letter of eligibility could be used by a candidate for the search of a job in Healthcare bodies of Dubai. Furthermore, in pending task section there will be a pending task shown to upload job offer of place and insurance. 

Upload the offer of place “labor card” practice insurance 

After passing the exam the candidate has one year of appropriate employment at a healthcare unit in Dubai. If the applicant succeeds in getting a job then he/she needs to upload job offer and practice insurance in his application portal. Once it has been uploaded the next and last step is an issuance of license issuance.

Issuance of License  

At DHA the Health Regulation Department (HRD) will review and verify the candidate’s offer of job and practice insurance up to two days after submission. Once the offer is reviewed and verified, a task will appear in the application portal for the payment of license fee.
Note: Payment is not applicable for those who included in “DHA exempted policy”

License issuance fees: 

For physicians and Dentists: AED 3010
For other health professionals: AED 1010 

The candidate collects his/her DHA license after 2 days of payment from HRD. 

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