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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable way to prepare for the Haad Abu Dhabi Exam?

PrometricMCQ.com can help! We offer a wide variety of resources and tools to help you pass the exam with flying colors. From study guides and practice exams to flashcards and practice questions, PrometricMCQ.com has everything you need to get ready for the Haad Abu Dhabi Exam.

We also offer a variety of payment options, so you can choose what works best for you. Don’t wait any longer – join the thousands of people who have passed their Haad Abu Dhabi Exam with PrometricMCQ.com. We guarantee you’ll feel confident before you take the exam and walk away with a high score.

With more and more professionals vying to get the Haad license, the exams are getting tougher by the day. Pearson VUE, with its constant monitoring of the exam and regular updates of the course curriculum always keeps pace with changing test environment.

The licensing process is tough and therefore requires special preparation and effort to crack this exam. At PrometricMCQ.com, we help you do just that. Our course materials are comprehensive and designed to thoroughly prepare you for the HAAD Exams.

The practice sets of MCQs and the self evaluation tools make you exam ready and confident. Our modules cover all the major specialties focusing on specific requirements of each.

Become a Licensed Medical Professional by Passing HAAD Exam preparing through our HAAD Pearson Vue Exam Questions

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How the Process Works

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The first step is to purchase your ideal Prometric exam package.


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Prepare for Your Haad Exam with PrometricMCQ

PrometricMCQ Haad Exam Preparation are designed to help you get ready for your DOH Haad Medical Profession licensing exam in Abu Dhabi. 

Our Haad exam prep packages feature timed and untimed options, the same way as the actual exams. We’ve included add-value features to test your preparation skills and experience.

Get Licensing for Your Haad Qualification

PrometricMCQ is one of the few providers of Haad Medical licensing consultancy. Our able specialist can help you obtain your Haad license fast.

Register Your Interest with Us and Get Your Haad License Quickly! 

All medical professionals who wish to work in Abu Dhabi have to clear the HAAD exam.  The Health Authority-Abu Dhabi or HAAD is the regulatory body that ensures competency and excellence in healthcare for the community. The government conducts the HAAD exam to ensure that the licensed health care professionals are clinically competent and safe to practice in any individual setting in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi.

The HAAD Pearson VUE tests are pretty tough and practicing on your subscription package will definitely give you a competitive advantage and a head-start in your journey towards HAAD Licensing qualification.

The self evaluation tool help you assess your performance in the practice MCQs by focusing on question content, the answers you select, the correct answers and a detailed explanation. You can thus gauge your preparedness, your shortcomings and the areas you need to put more effort into.

PrometricMCQ has been monitoring the HAAD program on an ongoing basis for many years now and actively updating the course contents and the MCQs. The HAAD MCQs are from previous years’ questions to make it as close to the real thing as possible. The difficulty level of the MCQ tests is at par with the actual Pearson VUE HAAD exams so you get a very realistic assessment of your preparation.

Purchase the HAAD Pearson VUE subscription you need and give a boost to your qualification chances!

Accessing the HAAD tests is easy. Once you buy a subscription, you’ll receive the link to the online assessments along with the login details. There is no waiting time…you can start right away!

How It Works

Accessing the tests is easy. Once you purchase a subscription, you’ll receive the link to the online assessments along with the login details. There is no waiting time…you can start right away!

After logging in you can start the assessment. The questions can be taken sequentially or in any random order. Once you mark an answer, you’ll instantly get to know if it is correct or not. The practice test displays the correct answer for every question (MCQ). You can compare your answers with the answer key and find out what part you’ve missed and the areas you need to improve, focus and study. You can also mark a question for review and attempt it later after consulting your notes, textbooks or other reference material.

Apply for HAAD License Today and Secure a Better Future in Your Career in Abu Dhabi!

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