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The government of UAE through the Ministry of Health designed the MOH exams for medical professionals looking to establish a career in the country. The MOH license allows medical professionals to work in five northern emirates, except for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Oman, which have HAAD and DHA licensing programs.

Our mission at PrometricMCQ is to help medical professionals pass their MOH Prometric exam. We offer comprehensive packages that include past exams and coursework materials to help you prepare for your MOH licensing exam.


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UAE MOH Licensing Assistance

To get your MOH license in the UAE, you must first of all pass the MOH exam that is given out by the UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention. You can only attempt the exam three times, otherwise, you will be barred from the licensing.

At PrometricMCQ, we know how important this exam is to you, and that’s why we have gathered all the right materials to help you pass your exam in the first attempt and get your licensing. We will help you throughout the process until you obtain your license.

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