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In Oman, the Oman medical specialty board (OMSB) is the mandated governing body to maintain the best possible criteria and quality standards in healthcare. OMSB is responsible for the managing and licensing of professionals. 

All local and foreign professionals who wish to work in the medical field in Oman must obtain a professional license and register for the OMSB examination. Healthcare professionals must pass the OMSB exam to obtain a license and practice in the country. 

The exam is administered either orally or online by Prometric. To learn more about licensing and guidelines, read on. Who needs an OMSB license? Everyone, from doctors to healthcare technicians needs a license to work in the healthcare sector in the Emirates of Oman.

We have successfully assisted healthcare providers to work in Oman through the OMSB. We can help you too.

OMSB Licensure Requirements

The licensure criteria for the Oman Prometric exam (OMSB) vary depending on your specialty. To obtain licensure, you must pass the Prometric exam with the required percentage in your specialty.   But before that, you must first provide these documents:

  • Copies of your academic transcripts.
  • A professional certificate from an accredited institution.
  • Certificate of work experience from current or previous experience.
  • Course Certificate (Professional Certificate from a recognized authority).
  • Good Standing Certificate that should at least be valid for 6 months.
  • Copies of the front and back of your passport.
  • Passport Size Photo with white background.
  • Log files – this is only necessary if you are a consultant surgeon.

PrometricMCQ Helps in OMSB Oman Licensing for Medical Professionals.

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OMSB Specialist License License for Specialist Physicians / Surgeons / Clinical Pathologist / Dentists and others.

OMSB GP License License for General Practitioner / Physicians / General Dentists and others..

OMSB Healthcare Staff License License for Nurses / Pharmacist / Technicians / Pathologist / Dental Tech and others.

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Our OMSB License Services (packages) We provide the following services in regard to OMSB licensing in Oman:

Credential approval

Health professionals applying for credentialing are credentialed in accordance with the OMSB’s (PQR), a comprehensive document that establishes the standards of education, training, and work experience required for specific categories of health professionals.

Dataflow- Primary Source Verification

Primary Source Verification is a process by which credentials, including the applicant's education, experience, and licensure, are verified by the source of origin (i.e., the country in which it was obtained).

OMSB Prometric Exam Registration

The following are the various examination categories that the OMSB administers: OMSB License Requirements for radiographers, OMSB License Requirements for other health professions.

OMSB Prometric Exam Preparation

PrometricMCQ offers a wide range of exam preparation materials. We have an extensive list of coursework and mock exams to help you prepare well before you sit for your actual OMSB license exam.

Help with Job Search

We also offer services of finding job opportunities to our clients in the healthcare sector. If this is your first time moving to Oman, and do not know where you can find a job, our healthcare recruitment specialists can help you out.
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How it Works Here is how the process of obtaining a OMSB license at PrometricMCQ works:


Collection of Documents

You will get an online form to fulfill. We shall collect all the necessary documents required to start your OMSB license application process.


Dataflow Verification

PrometricMCQ, through OMSB uses DataFlow to verify your application including academic qualifications and employment testimonials.


Classification & OMSB Licensing Exam

PrometricMCQ will then apply your profile to the OMSB website by entering all the details required for review.



If your application is approved, you will be termed as “eligible for licensing” and then receive an eligibility number to let you sign up for your OMSB licensing exam.


Conducting the Exam

You will be required to sit for the exam before you relocate to Oman. At PrometricMCQ we provide exam preparation materials to help you prepare early.


Professional Certificate

If you successfully pass your OMSB license exam, your application will be reviewed once again before you are awarded a Professional Classification Certificate.

Frequently Asked Question

Find the answer to the most frequently asked questions from the clients.

The OMSB License is a work permit that allows medical experts around the world to work in Oman, legally.

It is the test that medical professionals sit for in order to obtain the OMSB license in Oman (if they pass the exam).

To obtain the OMSB license, you will need to sit for the OMSB prometric exam and attain at least the minimum pass mark. Afterwards, you will need to verify your documents. You can plan your OMSB license exam with PrometricMCQ. We offer various evaluation test and study materials.
And don’t worry, we will send you a reminder through email and admin notice banner of your WordPress dashboard.

There are a total of 60 questions in the OMSB prometric exam. This question amount to 40% of the exam percentage.And don’t worry, we will send you a reminder through email and admin notice banner of your WordPress dashboard.

The first thing you will need to do is to get your documents ready. You will need a passport-sized photo, and your eligibility ID. With this, the next step would be to apply for PSV. Afterwards, you will need to schedule your OMSB prometric exam, head to the test center and do the exam. Once done, wait for the results.

The moment you start your session, you will have around 24 hours to complete your exam.

To apply for your dataflow, you will need to provide the following documents” a copy of your academic certificates, a copy of a valid passport (front and back pages), registration license, experience certificate, school transcripts, and updated resume.
70% is the minimum accepted percentage required to obtain the OMSB license in Oman.
Go through your course work and revise all the key concepts. Make sure to prepare for your exams early. On the day of exam, take a decent meal, prepare yourself and take a brain break before starting your exam.
You can check the status of your OMSB on the site status list, or request us at PrometricMCQ to find you the update. You will receive an email notification.

Why choose PrometricMCQ to obtain your OMSBN license? Our main mission is to ensure qualification of OMSB licensure by ensuring reliable application, always. We thrive because of the following qualities:

Highly Skilled & Professional Team

We work in liaison with various stakeholders to provide outstanding services to our customers around the world. We are educated, skilled, and knowledgeable in this field.

Excellent Customer Service

The satisfaction of our clients is the heart of everything that we do here at PrometricMCQ. You can always count on us.


We are dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals to boost their careers and improve their job prospects.

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