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UAE MOH License

How to get a UAE MOH license? What is MOH licensing?

What is UAE MOH License?

Health professionals that would like to start a medical career in the United Arab Emirates are required by law to sit for the UAE MOH exams and pass before they are qualified to work in UAE. MOH stands for Ministry of Health.  There are different types of MOH licensing examinations for different healthcare professionals including but not limited to:
  • Physicians GP / Specialist / Consultants
  • Dentists and Dental Assistants
  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Anesthetists,
  • Technicians
  • Pharmacist
  • Radiologists, Audiologists, Opticians
  • Occupational therapists, Physiotherapist
Professionals who pass the UAE MOH licensing exam are allowed to work in the five northern emirates with the exception of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

MOH Examinations Components

Exam Format Time Length
Computer-based exam 100 Prometric Exam MCQs Two Hours
Oral Exam: Normal and Urgent Viva, Clinical practical Depends

How to Obtain the UAE MOH License?

If you want to obtain the UAE MOH license, you must first clear the eligibility tests. Before that, however, you should finish with the verification process first and then apply for the MOH exam certificate.

Dataflow Verification

If you want to obtain the UAE MOH license, you must first submit your documents to Dataflow for verification purposes. A positive PSV Report is a must. Before that, however, you should finish with the verification process first and then apply for the MOH exam. Verification such as data flow and credentials must be cleared in the particular emirate that you wish to work in the future. Any licensing certification for medical professionals must be awarded by approved by WHO-recognized higher learning institutions.


Other testimonials such as internship and experience papers must be submitted to the Ministry of Health before the MOH examination. Any other original document must be submitted for verification.

Good Conduct Certificate

Applicants must also submit the certificate of good conduct that should be sent from the Health Authority in the home country. Based on the statement on the document, the Ministry of Foreign Affair will issue the license. The prospective healthcare professional must fulfill the above requirements. Otherwise, they will not be able to sit for the MOH license examination. 

The Nature of the MOH Examination

The MOH test does not have any oral test. So, you will need to sit for the Prometric Online Test which is conducted globally. Medical professionals are allowed to do the exams three times only. The last attempt can only be done 12 months from the previous exam date. If you fail the eligibility test four times, your admission will be revoked. Meaning, there won’t be any way you can practice in the United Arab Emirates. Without exemptions or excuses, you must submit all the relevant certificates and documentation prior to applying for the MOH eligibility test. If you do not have the required degree certificate or experience, you must, first of all, obtain a degree and then submit your documents again and apply for the eligibility exam once more.

In conclusion

The MOH eligibility test is a serious exam and one must thoroughly prepare before sitting for it. At PrometricMCQ, we’ve provided healthcare professionals with sufficient study materials and MOH exam preparation tests to prepare for the actual exam. Find out more on our website.
Dubai DHA License

Dubai DHA License: All You Need to Know to Start Practicing

Healthcare experts in Dubai must have a Dubai DHA license to practice their careers. The Health Regulation Department, a department belonging to the Dubai Health Authority is the organization that provides this license. Healthcare professionals need to apply for the Dubai DHA license and pass the examination and skill tests to secure one.

Who Qualifies for the Dubai DHA License?

The Health Regulation Department of DHA is solely mandated to providing this license to healthcare experts who have the right qualifications and skills to offer quality healthcare to Dubai residents. The Dubai DHA licensing is only restricted to a certain group of healthcare professionals including:
  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Nurses/Midwives
  • Allied Healthcare

How Do You Get Dubai DHA License?

The process of obtaining the DHA license is quite lengthy but straightforward. Here are things to keep in mind while applying for a license in the UAE:

Self-Assessment Tool

Firstly, you must fill in and complete a self-assessment test. You will have to search the self-assessment portal provided by Sheryan. Secondly, fill in the requested information and click submit. Depending on the details that you have shared, the portal will either approve or reject your eligibility for the membership of the Dubai Medical Registry. If you qualify, you will move to the subsequent step otherwise, you can choose Manual Review of your profile. If you choose the latter, you must do the following:
  • Submit an online application with the required documents and details.
  • AED 200 to be paid as fees.
  • Application review (normally takes up to ten days).

Register for a Sheryan Account

Before starting the application process for your DHA licensing, you will need to create your ID and the Sheryan portal. To do this:
  • Navigate to the DHA “Single Sign-On” section.
  • Press on the “Register New Account.”
  • Enter the requested details and click “register.”
Your account authentication information will be sent through email.

The CBT and PSV Evaluation

Those who qualify for the DHA License in Dubai need to secure their PSV (Primary Source Verification) and clear, if necessary, their CBT assessment.

The PSV Through Dataflow

Dataflow Group has partnered with the DHA to assess professional applications in the Dubai healthcare field. The PSV conducts massive checks on the credentials and academic backgrounds of all professionals who submit DHA license applications. The goal of these checks is to ensure all applicants are genuine and qualify for the Dubai Medical Registry.

The CBT Assessment Through Prometric

For some healthcare experts, especially nurses, dentists, and doctors, the DHA may demand an initial CBT evaluation. The DHA license exam is offered by Prometric, which is an exclusive examination board that evaluates the skills and knowledge of the applicants. If you pass your Prometric CBT assessment and the PSV evaluation, you can register your profile for the DHA license in Dubai.
Register Your Profile
To process the Dubai DHA license application, you must register on the Sheryan by DHA. You simply need to do the following:
  • Navigate to “register a professional.” And click on it.
  • Fill in all the relevant details.
  • Upload your credentials and academic papers.
  • Remit the DHA registration fees of 220 dirhams and submit your application.
Your application will be reviewed in light of your PSV and CBT results and will either be approved, returned for revision or be denied entirely.

Book for Oral Evaluation

Based on the professional healthcare position you want to apply, DHA may request you to take an oral evaluation. Here is what you need to do:
  • Schedule a date for your oral examination.
  • You will be required to pay between AED 250 and AED 500.
  • Take the exam.

Activate Professional License

If your oral assessment is successful, you will now be a registered DHA healthcare expert. You only be required to active your DHA professional license.

Applying for DHA License Activation

Submit your offer letter as well as the malpractice insurance document. License activation fees of AED1000 to AED 3000 must be paid. Once activation is complete, the DHA will provide an interim license until the original version has been delivered to you.

Required Documents for DHA License

The DHA will require you to submit the following documents for the DHA licensing process to commence:
  • A valid copy of your passport.
  • A recent passport size of your photograph.
  • Your experience credentials.
  • Copies of your academic certifications.
  • Practice registration or license.
  • The Good Standing Certificate.
  • A two-year surgical logbook (for surgeons).
  • A medical fitness certificate for applicants above the age of 65. This can be done at various visa medical centers in the city.

Dubai DHA License Application Approval

If your DHA license application goes through, you will be required to submit the following documents:
  • An offer letter signed by the recruiting company.
  • A signed and stamped malpractice insurance document from the employer.

Dubai DHA License Renewal

The DHA license is valid for 12 months, and can be renewed thereafter.  If your DHA license is about to expire, you must renewal it three months before the expiry date.

Required Documents for Dubai DHA License Renewal

If you want to live and work in Dubai as a certified healthcare expert, you should register or license with updated qualification information and experience. To renew your license, you must provide the following documents:
  • A copy of your passport.
  • Duration of the license.
  • PSV results for standing.
  • Updated experience.
  • Renewed malpractice insurance.

Renewal Process

The first step to renewing your DHA license in Dubai is to upload your PSV details. You will then be required to submit a new malpractice insurance certificate, and then submit it to Sheryan portal for review after paying for the DHA license renewal fees. Wait for your DHA review. Once your DHA medical license has been approved, it will automatically renew and have your document delivered through courier.

DHA License Fee Structure

You will have to settle a couple of payments when applying for DHA licensing in Dubai. Below, we have broken down the DHA license fees for easy perusal”

Fees for Application and Registration

Services Physicians or Dentists Others
Self-assessment No Fees No Fees
Manual review 200 Dirhams 200 Dirhams
Registration Fees 200 Dirhams 200 Dirhams

License Activation Fees

Services Physicians or Dentists Others
License Activation (fulltime) 3000 Dirhams 1000 Dirhams
License Activation (part-time) 4000 Dirhams 4000 Dirhams
License Delivery Fees 20 Dirhams 20 Dirhams

Dubai DHA License Renewal Fees

Services Physicians or Dentists Others
Fulltime License Renewal 3000 Dirhams 1000 Dirhams
Parttime License renewal 4000 dirhams 4000 dirhams
Registration renewal 200 dirhams 200 dirhams

PSV Fees

PSV Physicians or Dentists Others
Routine Verification 1235 Dirhams 935 Dirhams
Extra Documents 300 Dirhams 300 Dirhams

Fees for Oral Assessment

Oral Assessment Physicians or Dentist Others
Regular 500 Dirhams 250 Dirhams
Immediate/Urgent 2000 Dirhams 2000 Dirhams

Charges for CBT

Type of Exam Physicians or Dentists Others
2 Hours 220 USD 180 USD
3 Hours 280 USD 240 USD

In Conclusion

The above is all the information you need to know about the DHA license in Dubai and how to apply for one. Keep in mind the DHA medical license is only valid in the Emirates of Dubai. If you wish to practice in, say Abu Dhabi, you will be required to apply for the HAAD License, which has its own set of requirements. The government of Dubai is on a mission to foster high quality medical care, and for this reason, it has to maintain quality services in both private and public sectors. For any medical expert out there, you will have to register for the virtual company in Dubai and get certification to practice in Dubai.
DHCC License

DHCC License for Medical Practitioners Review

DHCC LicenseBefore you decide to pursue your medical career in Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, you must first of all secure a DHCC license that allows you to legally work as a certified healthcare professional in the country. The United Arab Emirates offers various licenses that are viable to designated areas in the country. The DHCC for instance offers licenses to medical experts who want to practice in Dubai Healthcare City located in the Emirates of Dubai.  These medical licenses are viable during clinical practice and should be associated with the affiliated healthcare entity an individual is currently working in. Your chances of securing a license increase if you submit genuine documents correctly, under the right category. On the other hand, if you are not experienced, yet submitting incorrect papers, you will reduce your chances of getting a license. In this guide, you are going to learn about DHCC, how to apply for one, preparing for evaluation, and how PrometicMCQ can help you pass your examination and apply for jobs.

But what is a DHCC license?

DHCC is the abbreviation for Dubai Healthcare City, an entity that provides licenses to healthcare experts foDHCC Licenser over thirty countries to sit for the DHCC exam and get their DHCC License Exam. Experts may use this license to operate as physicians in Dubai. The main goal of DHCC is to increase the number of healthcare experts in the UAE and improve the economy of the UAE. At the moment, the exam body provides 11 tests for various healthcare professionals. CPQ (Center for Healthcare Planning) manages healthcare professionals licensed under DHCC.

DHCC License Qualifications

You can qualify for the DHCC as either a dental specialist, medical consultant, medical doctor, dental consultant, or general dental practitioner. In order to qualify for any of the above roles in Dubai, you must comply with regulations and fulfill the stipulated requirements as follows: Comply with the requirements for securing a DHCC license as a healthcare expert. The minimum requirements for the specific roles are highlighted below:

1.General Practitioner or Dentist 

For this role, minimum requirements professional qualification include: A bachelor’s degree with a minimum of five years of which four are dedicated to formal dental or medical education from a higher education institution accredited by MOE in UAE and World Directory of Medical Schools (for medical doctors). Completion of formal requirements for the degree affiliated to the doctor of dental surgery, doctor of medicine, or equivalent in a dental or medical institution and accredited the Doctor of Dental Surgery, Degree of Doctor, or the same.

2. Clinical Work Experience

You must have completed at least one year of supervised internship (clinical training) endorsed by a dental or medical school post completion of dental or medical undergraduate. You should have completed at least two years of clinical experience after clinical training. Those who graduated from UAE-based universities, and accredited by the Ministry of Education do not need to have clinical experience to apply for the DHCC license, as long as they have completed their internship.
3. Licensure Requirements for Dentists & Physicians- Guide for Applicants
  • Certificate of good.
  • Professional license A registration/license to practice as a dentist or medical doctor.
  • Standing CGS that was issued six months from authorities in which the applicant holds current registration or license to practice.
English Proficiency Test
  • This is mandatory if the applicant was never taught in English. The applicant should score a minimum of 550 in TOEFL and a minimum of 6.0 at IELTS.
Qualifications of DHCA Licensing Exam
Applicants who have been credited by MOHESR are exempted from finishing the DHCA examination.

How to Prepare for DHCC Exam

The procedure for the DHCC exam needs a fingerprint (biometric) to spot healthcare experts who attend the exam. To register and book the DHCC exam, you must visit the official website. Keep in mind DHCC Prometric exam UAE comes in two sets, which healthcare professionals may qualify to secure the DHCC license. These tests are:
  • Computer-based exam.
  • Oral assessment test.
The computer-based exam period is around 2 hours and is usually characterized by multiple-choice questions. The oral exam features clinical viva and scenarios. What you would want to do though, is to, first of all, understand the current exam schedule and gather all past test questions for DHCC Prometric exam UAE. Plan the syllabus and find all the associated study materials, guides, and references that cover the syllabus. Leverage these materials and begin preparing as soon as possible. During your studies, it would be best if you make short notes on each topic that you go through. You can even create multiple choice questions on the topic. Hence it will easy for you during revisions while revising for the exam. Doing more mock exams will help you understand more about the actual exam model and will be more confident to sit for the DHCC license exam. Once you are done with your mock exam, revise and review all the questions with their explanation and understand various aspects which you need to improve before the day of the exam. Do not be in a hurry, take as much time as you can and invest a lot of funds in online webinar classes and do the online tests, which will make you prepare for the DHCC exam and incredible exam experience. Most online webinar classes are taken by more experienced medical experts.

Exam Materials- Where Should You Get Them?

At PrometicMCQ, we offer DHCC exam materials to help you prepare for your DHCC license test. Our exam materials have been carefully curated to help aspiring medical specialists pass their exams with flying colors. Visit PrometicMCQ official website and download all the study materials you need to get started.

What’s more…

PrometicMCQ can help you search for jobs and secure employment in your medical field in the United Arab Emirates. We boast a vast network of partners across the UAE and we can get your career started right away.

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How to Transfer DHA Licensing to MOH License

How to Transfer DHA Licensing to MOH License

The rapid development in the United Arab Emirates has attracted numerous workers and professionals from different parts of the world in the field of healthcare. In fact, the highest number of expats arriving in the country are medical professionals. But most of these individuals do not know that to practice any form of medical activity in the UAE requires one to have a license. There are different government bodies that are responsible for offering these exams. Among the popular professional license include DHA and MOH. In this article though, we shall discuss how to convert DHA license to MOH license.

Understanding DHA and MOH

While there are four other licensing organizations in the country, we shall have an overview of these two

DHA (Dubai Health Authority)

The Dubai Health Authority is the governing body for healthcare. It provides the DHA license for medical professionals seeking to pursue a medical career in Dubai.

MOH (Abu Dhabi Ministry Exam)

Medical professionals that pass the MOH eligibility test can work in any emirates of the UAE except Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

License Unification

As we mentioned before, it was initially impossible for medical professionals with one license from one organization to practices out of its jurisdiction inside the country. Thing became complex, especially when it came to laws, and regulations. However, the three primary healthcare authorities signed an MOU, agreeing to unify the licenses that they all offer. This as a result, opened the way for the systemization of different areas of healthcare services in the private and public sector alike. Also, thousands of healthcare professionals now have the freedom to work in any part of the country. They only need to switch their licenses to the authority of the area that they wish to work.

Converting DHA License To MOH

The process of converting the DHA to MOH license is quite straightforward and it involves the following: You must have worked under the DHA license for at least six months prior to applying for the conversion. You should activate your DHA license by using your eligibility letter. Firstly, you must submit several documents to the Ministry of Health official website. The next step would be to pay for the processing fees. You will also be required to submit your “offer of employment” or labor card and a let for malpractice insurance. The entire process takes approximately five working days. But, you can speed up the process if you pay extra. In addition, payment fees differ from one career profession to another.

Documents Required

  • NOC signed and stamped by a medical director of the current facility.
  • Offer of employment from the new “client”. The letter should be less than 3 months old.
  • A copy of an original passport.
  • Copies of passport sized photos.
  • A medical fitness exam certificate for those over the age of 65.
The process of converting a license, even though appears to be easy, can be confusing if you do not know the right steps to follow. At PrometricMCQ, we help healthcare professionals attain their licenses faster. We handle the entire process on your behalf. Find out more on how we can help you on