How to Transfer DHA Licensing to MOH License

How to Transfer DHA Licensing to MOH License

The rapid development in the United Arab Emirates has attracted numerous workers and professionals from different parts of the world in the field of healthcare.

In fact, the highest number of expats arriving in the country are medical professionals. But most of these individuals do not know that to practice any form of medical activity in the UAE requires one to have a license.

There are different government bodies that are responsible for offering these exams. Among the popular professional license include DHA and MOH. In this article though, we shall discuss how to convert DHA license to MOH license.

Understanding DHA and MOH

While there are four other licensing organizations in the country, we shall have an overview of these two

DHA (Dubai Health Authority)

The Dubai Health Authority is the governing body for healthcare. It provides the DHA license for medical professionals seeking to pursue a medical career in Dubai.

MOH (Abu Dhabi Ministry Exam)

Medical professionals that pass the MOH eligibility test can work in any emirates of the UAE except Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

License Unification

As we mentioned before, it was initially impossible for medical professionals with one license from one organization to practices out of its jurisdiction inside the country.

Thing became complex, especially when it came to laws, and regulations. However, the three primary healthcare authorities signed an MOU, agreeing to unify the licenses that they all offer.

This as a result, opened the way for the systemization of different areas of healthcare services in the private and public sector alike. Also, thousands of healthcare professionals now have the freedom to work in any part of the country. They only need to switch their licenses to the authority of the area that they wish to work.

Converting DHA License To MOH

The process of converting the DHA to MOH license is quite straightforward and it involves the following:

You must have worked under the DHA license for at least six months prior to applying for the conversion.

You should activate your DHA license by using your eligibility letter. Firstly, you must submit several documents to the Ministry of Health official website. The next step would be to pay for the processing fees.

You will also be required to submit your “offer of employment” or labor card and a let for malpractice insurance.

The entire process takes approximately five working days. But, you can speed up the process if you pay extra. In addition, payment fees differ from one career profession to another.

Documents Required

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