UAE MOH License

How to get a UAE MOH license? What is MOH licensing?

What is UAE MOH License?

Health professionals that would like to start a medical career in the United Arab Emirates are required by law to sit for the UAE MOH exams and pass before they are qualified to work in UAE. MOH stands for Ministry of Health.  There are different types of MOH licensing examinations for different healthcare professionals including but not limited to:
  • Physicians GP / Specialist / Consultants
  • Dentists and Dental Assistants
  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Anesthetists,
  • Technicians
  • Pharmacist
  • Radiologists, Audiologists, Opticians
  • Occupational therapists, Physiotherapist
Professionals who pass the UAE MOH licensing exam are allowed to work in the five northern emirates with the exception of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

MOH Examinations Components

Exam Format Time Length
Computer-based exam 100 Prometric Exam MCQs Two Hours
Oral Exam: Normal and Urgent Viva, Clinical practical Depends

How to Obtain the UAE MOH License?

If you want to obtain the UAE MOH license, you must first clear the eligibility tests. Before that, however, you should finish with the verification process first and then apply for the MOH exam certificate.

Dataflow Verification

If you want to obtain the UAE MOH license, you must first submit your documents to Dataflow for verification purposes. A positive PSV Report is a must. Before that, however, you should finish with the verification process first and then apply for the MOH exam. Verification such as data flow and credentials must be cleared in the particular emirate that you wish to work in the future. Any licensing certification for medical professionals must be awarded by approved by WHO-recognized higher learning institutions.


Other testimonials such as internship and experience papers must be submitted to the Ministry of Health before the MOH examination. Any other original document must be submitted for verification.

Good Conduct Certificate

Applicants must also submit the certificate of good conduct that should be sent from the Health Authority in the home country. Based on the statement on the document, the Ministry of Foreign Affair will issue the license. The prospective healthcare professional must fulfill the above requirements. Otherwise, they will not be able to sit for the MOH license examination. 

The Nature of the MOH Examination

The MOH test does not have any oral test. So, you will need to sit for the Prometric Online Test which is conducted globally. Medical professionals are allowed to do the exams three times only. The last attempt can only be done 12 months from the previous exam date. If you fail the eligibility test four times, your admission will be revoked. Meaning, there won’t be any way you can practice in the United Arab Emirates. Without exemptions or excuses, you must submit all the relevant certificates and documentation prior to applying for the MOH eligibility test. If you do not have the required degree certificate or experience, you must, first of all, obtain a degree and then submit your documents again and apply for the eligibility exam once more.

In conclusion

The MOH eligibility test is a serious exam and one must thoroughly prepare before sitting for it. At PrometricMCQ, we’ve provided healthcare professionals with sufficient study materials and MOH exam preparation tests to prepare for the actual exam. Find out more on our website.